How to book your tickets

Once you have booked your ticket you will be emailed a PDF document please bring this with you to the venue that you have booked your viewing for.

When can you arrive

The gates will open 1 hour prior to showtime which will give you enough time to go to the bathroom and find your area for the film to begin at the time stated on your ticket. 

What about food

Some of our venues will be serving food and drink at the bars. You may also bring your own food and drink we just ask that you take your rubbish with you.

The Sun Pub:-Unfortunately we cannot allow you to bring your own food, 

but don't worry there will be food and drink served at the venue.

What about the weather

We can show the films in the rain and the sunshine so make sure you bring your coats if it's looking like rain. If it becomes too windy or it is heavy rain we will have to cancel/postpone the viewing.

Is seating available


We do not provide seating but you may take a seat on the grass or bring your own chairs, we only ask that you do not obstruct other audience members if you are obstructing other members you may be ask to move further back or sit on the grass.

The Sun Pub:- There will be seating provided at this venue so make sure you get there early.


Age Restrictions


We will be running ID checks depending on the films age rating so make sure you bring some form of identification depending on the age rating.

Can i bring my dog?

We love having pets at our cinema, you are more than welcome to bring your pets, just make sure that you clear up your mess and keep your pet under control during the viewing.



We do not offer refunds once tickets are purchased unless the film is cancelled or postponed then you are entitled to a refund.

Social Distancing


At our viewings there will be signage posted around the venue about social distancing measures and it is required for you to follow these rules whilst you are at the venue. There will be a one way system implemented to stop people walking past each other, and member not from the same household will need to sit away from each other, there will also be instructions on your ticket so make sure you read these instructions before your arrival.